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Contributing to sustainable social development through business activities

photo President, Representative Director
Gyo Sagara

Since its establishment in 1717, ONO has devoted itself solely to the pharmaceutical industry under the corporate philosophy "Dedicated to the Fight against Disease and Pain." We aim to contribute to society by pharmaceutical products that truly benefit patients. To this end, we are tackling diseases that remain unconquered as yet and addressing areas that are high in healthcare needs where patient satisfaction with current treatment is low.

We believe that it is important to contribute to solving social issues and realizing a sustainable society while listening to the voices of various stakeholders. Under this belief, in addition to endeavoring to create innovative drugs, we continually strengthen our efforts with respect to the environment, society and governance (ESG). In response to changes in the external environment and social demand, such as the adoption of SDGs in 2015 by the United Nations, in FY2018 we set our important CSR issues (materiality) and identified priority SDGs to which we should intend to specifically contribute.

In carrying out actual activities, we first clarify the vision and set specific goals and targets, and then we collect and analyze information and identify issues. After that, we promote activities while cooperating with people inside and outside the company.

The impact of global warming, including extreme weather events, is becoming increasingly serious year by year, and addressing climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing the international community. We believe that while being fully aware of corporate social responsibility for the environment, we should protect the environment in all aspects of our business to realize an abundant global environment. Based on this belief, in June 2019 we formulated the medium- and long-term environmental vision “ECO VISION 2050,” pledging to become a leading company for environmental challenge in the pharmaceutical industry by 2050. To achieve ECO VISION 2050, we determined three priority items, “Realization of a decarbonized society,” “Realization of a water recycling society,” and “Realization of a resource recycling society,” and set specific medium- and long-term goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation. We are working vigorously to achieve the set goals. In October 2019, we expressed our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and are working to appropriately disclose information based on the TCFD recommendations.

Under the corporate philosophy “Dedicated to the Fight against Disease and Pain,” we will continue being passionate challengers. We sincerely ask for your continued support.