Commitment to Conservation of the Global Environment


The impacts of climate change, including abnormal weather patterns, are growing each year, and efforts to prevent global warming have become a key issue for the international community. The Ono Group recognizes its corporate social responsibility for the environment, which is why we promote environmentally friendly activities in all stages of our business activities in order to preserve the rich global environment.


Global Environment Policy

Under the corporate philosophy of “Dedicated to the Fight Against Disease and Pain,” the Ono Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society by creating innovative medicines and working on solving global environmental issues such as climate change.

  1. Recognizing corporate social responsibility for the environment, we conduct environmentally friendly activities at entire stages of product research, development, procurement, production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal.
  2. We comply with environmental laws and agreements in each country and region, and our voluntary standards.
  3. Under the environmental management system, we set goals and action plans, monitor regularly, and disclose information.
  4. We actively introduce the latest science and technology to reduce environmental impacts.
  5. To conserve the natural environment and biodiversity, we pursue efficient use of resources and energy, efficient use of water and appropriate wastewater management, reduction of waste, promotion of recycling, and prevention of pollution.
  6. We communicate with internal and external stakeholders and produce eco-friendly products in cooperation.
  7. We build all employees’ environmentally sensitive minds through education to promote environmentally friendly initiatives.

Medium- to Long-term Environmental Vision

ONO has established a medium- to long-term environmental challenge vision for 2050, named “Environmental Challenge Ono Vision (ECO VISION 2050)” to realize a sustainable society in 2019.


Background for the establishment of vision

In recent years, the global environmental issues including climate change and other issues have become serious. In the future of 2050, it is expected that people's healthy and sound life will be threatened due to various threats such as water and food shortages, increase of new diseases, devastating natural disasters and so on.
In order to promote the creation of a healthy and sound society through the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceutical products under the corporate philosophy to be "Dedicated to the Fight against Disease and Pain", it is important that we recognize that our business activities are supported by a sound global environment and that we will strengthen our activities toward the resolution of environmental challenge. We believe that such activities are not only our corporate responsibility for the environment, but also lead to build the foundation for sustainable business activities.
We will challenge to reduce the environmental burden in anticipation of 2050 based on the ECO VISION 2050 so that people can welcome a healthy and sound society.


Medium- to Long-Term Environmental Targets

Based on our medium- to -long-term environmental vision, ECO VISION 2050, we have set respective goals and taken initiatives to realize a decarbonized society, a water recycling society, and a resource recycling society. Furthermore in 2023, we reviewed our medium- to long-term environmental targets in order to strengthen and accelerate our efforts to address various global environmental issues. Moving forward, we will promote activities to achieve these environmental targets.

  • FSC®-certified paper is certified based on the standards of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®️).

Environment-related Employee Education & Awareness-raising Activities

In FY2023, as an opportunity for all employees of the Ono Group to become familiar with environmental issues and to learn about company-wide initiatives, we distributed information on our targets, achievements, and the status of our initiatives related to climate change, water resources, resource recycling, and pharmaceutical packaging through our intranet and in-house social networking service. Employees were very interested in the distributed content, and we received many responses, including proposals for other activities. In FY2024, we will continue to consider and implement awareness-raising activities that help to foster awareness of the global environment among employees.


Environment-related Initiatives & Industry Group Activities

In order to resolve natural environmental issues, including climate change, we are accelerating our efforts to reduce our environmental impact by participating in initiatives that align with Ono’s way of thinking and direction, participating in the activities of industry group committees, and working to lobby the government through industry groups, etc. When participating in initiatives, etc., we take into account their consistency with our business objectives, areas of focus, and business activities, and regularly scrutinize whether there is a significant contradiction between those industry groups and our views on environmental conservation, and if there is a large discrepancy, we also consider withdrawing from such organizations. The environment-related initiatives that we participate in are as follows:

SBT initiative (Science Based Targets initiative; SBTi)

Ono’s greenhouse gas reduction targets were certified by the SBTi in June 2019.
The SBTi is an initiative that supports and certifies companies to set science-based targets.

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

We expressed its support for the TCFD recommendations in October 2019.
The TCFD was established by the Financial Stability Board at the request of G20 to improve and increase the reporting of climate-related information and how financial institutions should respond.

TCFD Consortium

We participated in the TCFD Consortium in October 2019.
The TCFD Consortium was established as a forum for companies, financial institutions, and other organizations supporting the TCFD recommendations to work together to promote initiatives, and to discuss initiatives on how companies can effectively disclose climate-related financial reports and how those reports can be leveraged to encourage appropriate investment decisions by financial institutions and other organizations.

Water Project

We participated in the “Water Project” in October 2019. The "Water Project" is a public-private partnership project launched after the "Basic Law on the Water Cycle" enacted in 2014, which states that governments and companies should work together to protect the water cycle in Japan.

RE100 (Renewable Energy 100%)

We participated in RE100 in June 2020. RE100 is an international initiative, aiming to source 100% of the electricity consumed in its business activities with renewable energy, which is operated by The Climate Group, an international environmental NGO which promotes climate change countermeasures, in partnership with CDP, an international NPO, that encourages companies to disclose and manage environmental impact information.

Carbon Neutral LNG Buyers Alliance

With the introduction of carbon-neutral city gas (CNL*) to the Tsukuba Research Institute in August 2021, we joined the Carbon-Neutral LNG Buyers’ Alliance.
This alliance is a cooperative system that was established by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., which procures and supplies CNL, and companies/corporations who purchase CNL, with the aim of promoting the spread of CNL and improving its use value in order to realize a sustainable society.

  • City gas made from liquefied natural gas, in which greenhouse gases generated in the process from the extraction of natural gas to its combustion are offset through CO2 credits.
GX League

We expressed our support in April 2022 for the GX (Green Transformation) League Basic Concept, which was announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The GX League is a forum for companies to collaborate with companies, government and academia  which take on the challenge of GX with a view to achieving carbon neutrality and social change in 2050.


In October 2023, Ono endorsed Japan’s Ministry of the Environment’s Decokatsu initiative (“Decokatsu” in Japanese is an abbreviation, created by the Ministry of the Environment, which combines “DE” for decarbonization, “ECO,” and “Katsu,” which is the Japanese word for activity and lifestyle) and declared its commitment to the initiative. Decokatsu is a new national movement in Japan that strongly supports changes in the behaviors and lifestyles of citizens and consumers in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and meet reduction targets by FY2030.