Social Contribution Activities

Efforts Toward Environmental Conservation for the Health of Everyone


In conducting our business activities, we recognize the impact on ecosystems and take on challenges to address environmental issues such as biodiversity and climate change. To realize a sustainable and prosperous society, it is important to promote activities that consider biodiversity at entire stages of product research, development, procurement, production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal. We also agree with the "Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren and Action Policy".
In addition, we have each of our business sites take part in various activities to contribute to local communities such as cleanups, disaster prevention activities, and conservation of the natural environment.


Efforts at Each Worksite

At Fujiyama Plant, we have been providing trash bags for the “Operation Trash Clean-sweep,” a clean-up activity of the municipal neighborhood associations of Fujinomiya City and the “Fujinomiya City Cleaning Campaign” as activities friendly for the community environment. We also cleaned the area surrounding the plant premises in March 2023.

At Yamaguchi Plant, we contributed to the beautification of the community environment by participating in the "Sayama Region Trash Zero Activity 2022" hosted by the Sayama Regional Development Council, Yamaguchi City.



at Fujiyama Plant

photoproviding trash bags

photoat Yamaguchi Plant

At the headquarters and Joto Pharmaceutical Product Development Center, we participated in the "Osaka Marathon 'Clean-up' Campaign,” which is a municipal clean-up campaign hosted by the Osaka Municipal Government in FY2022 and we cleaned the area surrounding our premises and the neighboring parks.

In addition, at the Joto Pharmaceutical Product Development Center, joint training was conducted with the Higashinari Fire Department (training in autonomous firefighting techniques and training by the firefighting team of the Higashinari Fire Department) in association with Hazardous Materials Safety Week. We received training in responses to actual fires, including how to use a fire extinguisher and emergency life-saving techniques under the instruction of the Higashinari Fire Department.

photoat Joto Pharmaceutical Product Development Center

photoat headquarters

At Tsukuba Research Institute, we are a member of the TSUKUBA HOKUBU Industrial Park Liaison Council and we have participated in the clean-up activities by member companies to maintain the beauty of the HOKUBU Industrial Park. In FY2022, we also cleaned the area surrounding the institute.



at Tsukuba Research Institute