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Environmental Management

Promotion of Environmental Management

We have established an environmental management system in which the President, Representative Director is in charge of environmental management. Under the President, Representative Director, Corporate Executive Officer / Head of Corporate Communications as a corporate officer in charge of the environment oversees company-wide environmental management, and the CSR Promotion Section manages the Environmental Management Committee. Members of the Committee are chosen from relevant departments and are responsible for specific on-site monitoring and promoting environmental management. In particular, regarding the three priority items of "Realization of a decarbonized society," "Realization of a water recycling society," and "Realization of a resource recycling society," subcommittees (climate change subcommittee, water recycling subcommittee, and resource recycling subcommittee) established under the Environment Management Committee investigates initiatives to reduce the environmental burden and breaks them down as targets for each site to achieve for the fiscal year. Each of the manufacturing and research sites with large environmental burden has established a subcommittee. The manufacturing sites have continuously acquired ISO 14001 certification and worked to reduce their environmental impact. The progress of these efforts is to be reported at least once a year at the Executive Committee chaired by the President.
In addition, to reduce environmental risks, employees involved in operations that could have an impact on the environment receive necessary training on environmental management.
We also have a structure to minimize environmental impact arising from emergencies by providing training and on-site education and formulating emergency-preparedness manuals.

Status of acquisition of ISO 14001 certification (As of the end of January 2022)
Site name  
Fujiyama Plant Certification is ongoing
Yamaguchi Plant Certified (December, 2021)
Scope of ISO 14001 certification at production sites 100%

Overall Picture of Environmental Impact (ONO's Involvement in Environmental Protection)

Annual inputs and outputs are grasped on a regular basis to use as reference data for our efforts to reduce environmental impact (FY2021).


Environmental Initiatives

SBT initiative (Science Based Targets initiative)

Our medium- to long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets were approved in June 2019 as science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets from the international initiative "Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)." Our targets (Scope1+2) are categorized as the most ambitious “1.5℃ target.”

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

We expressed our support in October 2019 for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which was established by the Financial Stability Board to encourage the disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.

TCFD Consortium

We participated in the TCFD Consortium in 2019. The TCFD Consortium was established to promote efficient and effective disclosure based on recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (hereinafter, TCFD recommendations) and to contribute to a "Virtuous Cycle of Environment and Growth," in which information is appropriately evaluated and funding is facilitated through communication between business operators and financial institutions that support TCFD recommendations.

Water Project

We participated in the “Water Project” in October 2019. The "Water Project" is a public-private partnership project launched after the "Basic Law on the Water Cycle" enacted in 2014, which states that governments and companies should work together to protect the water cycle in Japan.

RE100 (Renewable Energy 100%)

We participated in RE100 in June 2020. RE100 is an international initiative, aiming to source 100% of the electricity consumed in its business activities with renewable energy, which is operated by The Climate Group, an international environmental NGO which promotes climate change countermeasures, in partnership with CDP, an international NPO, that encourages companies to disclose and manage environmental impact information.

Carbon Neutral LNG Buyers Alliance

We have introduced carbon neutral city gas (CN city gas*) in August 2021 and participated in the Carbon Neutral LNG Buyers Alliance at the same time. The Alliance is a partnership between Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., which procures and supplies carbon neutral LNG (CNL), and companies and corporations that purchase CNL, with the aim of expanding the use of CNL and increasing its value for a sustainable society.

  • CN city gas is made from a type of liquefied natural gas (carbon-neutral LNG), which offsets greenhouse gases generated in the processes from the extraction to the burning of natural gas with carbon credits (carbon offset) and assumes that no CO2 is generated on a global scale.
GX League

We expressed our support in April 2022 for the GX (Green Transformation) League Basic Concept, which was announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The GX League is a place for companies which will take on the challenge of GX with a view to achieving carbon neutrality and social change in 2050 to collaborate with government and academia.