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Social Contribution Activities

Efforts for Supporting Health of Patients and Their Families


We conduct various health-related activities to provide a wide range of support for people such as patients and the families of patients. Going forward, we continue to engage in various activities that contribute to people's health.


Dissemination of Medical Information

Through contents and applications, the latest information useful for healthcare is continuously posted and disseminated widely. We also cooperate with and hold seminars for citizens to raise awareness of diseases and provide accurate information. In FY2021, 5 web sessions were held, focusing on areas such as cancer, diabetes, and rheumatism, with approximately 700 participants.

Delivered Content and Applications Description
"For Patients and Their Families" We operate a website that explains specific symptoms and treatment methods of diseases nearby and precautions in daily life.
"ONO ONCOLOGY (Information for the general public and patients)" With the cooperation of supervising physicians, we operate a website where we can learn about the diseases and treatments in the field of cancer and the concepts of cancer immunity.
In FY2020, we added “Cancer and Novel Coronavirus - Precautions under the Spread of COVID-19” to a special web page for the purpose of supporting the treatment and the lives of cancer patients during the COVID-19 crisis by providing appropriate, science-based information.
"Dementia Treatment Connected by Smiles and Heart" (This website was closed at the end of March 2022) We operate a website to consider dementia for people involved in dementia treatment and nursing care.
"Grandma's world" We release a short movie to increase dementia awareness.
Application for patients with lifestyle-related diseases(The provision and operation were completed at the end of June 2021) We provide free smartphone application software to support patients suffering from lifestyle-related diseases.
“FukuSapo®” (A digital side-effect management support tool) We provide a free support tool to assist early detection and treatment of side effects (especially immune-related adverse events) through physical condition management of patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Relay for Life

We have participated in Relay for Life as a part of our CSR activities since FY2014. Relay for Life is a charity activity project conducted by the Japan Cancer Society and the National Action Council of Relay of Life aiming to deal with and overcome cancer. We have been actively participating in the Relay for Life events mainly at the locations where our research institutes, plants, and sales offices reside.


In FY2020, the Relay for Life events were canceled in most locations due to the impact of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In order to keep up the hopes of cancer survivors and participants who look forward to this event every year and to continue supporting cancer patients and their families, Self Walk Relay was held instead of the yearly Relay for Life.

Self Walk Relay is a charity event in which anyone can participate by downloading an application onto their smartphone, participants will walk while taking measures against infection respectively, and the total number of steps support the operation of General Cancer Consultation Hotline (one case for every 65,000 steps). In FY2021, we launched the “Ono Pharmaceutical Self-Walk Relay,” in which 294 employees from our offices across Japan participated and walked a total of 38,285,505 steps (equivalent to 589 cases on the General Cancer Consultation Hotline).


Support for “Solaputi Kids’ Camp”

Since FY2014, we have continuously been a supporting member of "Solaputi Kids’ Camp"(Takikawa City, Hokkaido), a campsite with on-site medical care that is a dream of children with serious illnesses.
In addition, we provided support for a new project, "Snow Gift," at a time when camp services had to be reduced due to the impact of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Snow Gift is a plan to pack the snow in the campsite into boxes, deliver them to hospitals in areas where snow does not fall, and allow the patients to play with the snow; however, there were several cases where smooth delivery of the packages was not possible within some hospitals. Therefore, our medical representatives (MRs), who regularly visit to meet with healthcare professionals at hospitals, received the packages and provided support as "snow-carrying volunteers" to deliver snow directly to the staff in charge at the medical institutions.
In FY2021, from January to March 2022, our MRs handed over Snow Gift to the staffs in charge at each of six medical institutions, providing the fun of playing in the snow to hospitalized children who do not otherwise have an opportunity to touch snow. At a later date, children who played with the snow, their parents, and medical staff sent joyful messages, and the participating employees commented that they were glad that they were able to help "deliver the fun (snow)."


Initiatives at Overseas Subsidiaries

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it was not possible to carry out activities with patients at Ono Pharma Taiwan Co., Ltd. (OPTW). However, with the desire to continuously contribute to patients, we gave Christmas gifts that are useful for their development and education and handmade message cards to children who are fighting illness, under the title of "Secret Santa." Continuing from FY2020, we have also made donations to the Taiwan Cancer Foundation. (Please check here for the beach cleanup activities that took place on the same day.)





Blood Donation

Our employees at the headquarters, plants, and research institutes actively donate their blood to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Although the number of blood donation sites were reduced in FY2020 and FY2021 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we are continuing these activities while taking full measures against infection.