Stakeholder Engagement



Basic Idea

Our stakeholders include patients, healthcare professionals, shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, academia, research institutes, local communities, relevant governmental agencies, industrial associations, NGOs, and NPOs. We have to ensure legal compliance, corporate governance, and transparency. We believe that we also have to build and continue strengthening relationships with all stakeholders through engaging in business activities that respect their interests and holding dialogue with them to achieve sustained growth.

Our basic attitude is promoting communication/constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and disclosing necessary information to them accurately, fairly, impartially, and promptly.

We strive to disclose information and communicate so that stakeholders understand our policies and activities and we can earn their trust. In addition, we identify stakeholders' requests and expectations and then engage with the issues. In that way, we continue taking on the various challenges as a research and development pharmaceutical company.


Engagement with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Offering new value for stakeholders
Main opportunity to build/strengthen relationship
Patients and healthcare professionals Based on our corporate philosophy, we listen sincerely to consultations and opinions we receive from patients and healthcare professionals, and through careful communication, we use these voices for drug discovery, product improvement, and better service. Collection and provision of information on the proper use of pharmaceuticals
Using the "voices" brought to Customer relations 
Communication with pharmacists for medicines improvement
Shareholders and investors We strive to disclose information at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner so that shareholders and investors can appropriately understand our business conditions and other activities. In addition, we use the opinions obtained through constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors to increase our corporate value. Shareholders meeting
Financial Results meeting
Dialogues to promote understanding
Provision of information through R&D and ESG Meetings
Provision of information through corporate reports, sustainability reports, and official website
Employees Our diverse talents work together to create an environment for growth and an organizational culture where they take on challenges proactively. Provision of opportunities for personal growth
Provision of a work environment where employees can have peace of mind in their work
Promotion of health maintenance and enhancement
Provision of opportunities to take on challenges (calling for business ideas, etc.)
Provision of information through company papers and internal intranet.
Suppliers We engage in fair and equitable transactions with suppliers in compliance with the "Basic Policy for Procurement Activities" and comply with laws and regulations, etc. We also contribute to achieving a sustainable society in cooperation with suppliers.
Fair and transparent procurement and purchasing
Sustainable procurement
Academia/research institutes We share knowledge and technologies and exchange opinions proactively while striving to create a foundation for innovation to contribute to the development of medical and pharmaceutical science together. Joint research and collaboration in drug discovery with universities and other research institutes and venture companies
Local communities We understand the impact of our business activities on local communities and engage in business activities that respond to the requests of local communities. In addition, we promote co-existence with the local community as a corporate citizen. Contribution to economic development
Environmental conservation activities
Activities to contribute to the local communities
Governmental agencies, industrial associations Along with governmental agencies and industrial associations, we engage in the sustainable development of governments and industries and in the resolution of social issues. Information provision and dialogue
Collaboration and information exchange with relevant organizations, including Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
Cooperation with governments
NGOs/NPOs etc. We understand the requests of society by engaging in dialogue and collaboration with NGOs, NPOs, etc. and we also strive to resolve social issues together. Activities to improve medical access
Social contribution activities