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Social Contribution Activities

Efforts Toward Environmental Conservation for the Health of Everyone


In conducting our business activities, we recognize the impact on ecosystems and take on challenges to address environmental issues such as biodiversity and climate change. To realize a sustainable and prosperous society, it is important to promote activities that consider biodiversity at entire stages of product research, development, procurement, production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal. We also agree with the "Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren and Action Policy".


Efforts at Each Worksite

We have each of our business sites take part in various activities to contribute to local communities such as cleanups, disaster prevention activities, and conservation of the natural environment.

At Fujiyama Plant, we provided trash bags for “Operation Trash Clean-sweep,” a clean-up activity of the municipal neighborhood associations of Fujinomiya City and the “Fujinomiya City Cleaning Campaign” as activities friendly to community environment. We also cleaned the area surrounding the plant premises in March 2021.

At Joto Pharmaceutical Product Development Center, cleanup of the periphery of Joto Pharmaceutical Product Development Center and a neighboring elementary school as well as parks, which was part of the ”Osaka Marathon Cleanup campaign” by the Osaka Municipal Government, was canceled in FY2020 for reasons of preventing of spread of the novel coronavirus. We participated in the autonomous firefighting technique training meeting (FY2020) held by the Higashinari Autonomous Firefighting Brigade Council for the purpose of enhancing autonomous firefighting skills and disaster response skills as in the previous year despite of limited number of participants and we received training for actual fires, including how to use a fire extinguisher and indoor fire hydrant under the instruction of the Higashinari Fire Department.

At Minase Research Institute, we join the Rikyu no Mizu Conservation Society to protect the famous water source, which has been selected as one of the 100 best springs in Japan. We took part in the joint cleanup activities that are organized twice a year. In addition, we usually participate in firefighting training in a fire-prevention festival in Shimamoto-cho that is held to raise awareness of fire prevention among local residents every year in November as well as in the New Year parade of the firefighting brigade of Shimamoto-cho as private fire brigade members at the institute, which is organized on the second Sunday of January every year. However, in FY2020, both events were canceled for reasons of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus and we could not participate in the events.

At Fukui Research Institute, we take part in cleanup activities, including picking up litter around the boundary of the site on a regular basis. The private fire brigade members at the institute join a volunteer fire brigade competition that is held every year to raise awareness of fire prevention and to improve firefighting skills and they participate in firefighting training. The gymnasium and tennis courts on the premises are opened to the public as places for communication. In FY2020, the volunteer fire brigade competition was canceled for reasons of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

At Tsukuba Research Institute, we regularly pick up litter in its neighborhood in an effort to maintain the beauty of the area.

Activities at Fujiyama Plant


Eco-cap Activities

Our head office and Minase Research Institute (since 2014) and Tsukuba Research Institutes (since 2018) have been taking part in an “Eco-cap” campaign. Special trash cans for PET bottle caps are placed near vending machines.
Instead of disposing of PET bottle caps as general waste, through cap recycling activities they are used in various social contribution activities, such as medical support, support for people with disabilities, and environmental education for children.

photoSpecial Garbage Containers
Amount collected at each worksite FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
head office 28,380caps
Minase Research Institute 10,750caps
Tsukuba Research Institute 2,365caps

Sponsorship of 'Exploring the Mystery of Water' (Organized by Local Governments Around Fujiyama Plant/Intended for Elementary School Students)

We have supported the Fujinomiya City sponsored hands-on learning 'Exploring the mystery of water' (organized by local governments around Fujiyama Plant/intended for elementary school students) since FY2015. This event aims to boost children’s awareness the natural environment around Mt. Fuji and to get children thinking about how they can contribute to preserving the environment. In FY2020, these activities were canceled due to the impact of the novel coronavirus.

photoExploring the mystery of water

Initiatives at Overseas Subsidiaries

ONO Pharma Taiwan (OPTW) engaged in CSR activities on the 6th anniversary of its establishment, December 11, 2020. We usually engage in activities with cancer patients through a cancer patient association, the Formosa Cancer Foundation; however, in FY2020, in consideration of the COVID-19 crisis, we conducted glass bottle recycling activities by focusing on environmental issues, which is one of the important social issues in Taiwan.
This CSR activity was planned in consideration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We learned about the status of environmental pollution in Taiwan, waste disposal issues, the importance of recycling, and the recycling process, through lectures and experience. All employees experienced the recycling of the empty bottles they brought into small glasses with the company name.
We promote CSR activities that OPTW can implement in consideration of SDGs.

ONO Pharma Taiwan (OPTW)

ONO Pharma Taiwan (OPTW)