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Governance :

Responsible Promotion Activities

Basic approach

Our vision of our sales activities is to work as a team, think from the patient's perspective, and respond to the real needs of healthcare professionals, based on the belief of "For the smiles of patients and their families”. As a life-related company, we always maintain high ethical standards. In order to provide appropriate information on pharmaceutical drugs, the Sales and Marketing department and each department (Compliance Management Department, Corporate Regulatory Compliance,Safety and Quality Assurance ,etc.)collaborate to promote responsible promotion activities. We pursue promotion activities in accordance with the “ONO Pharmaceutical Code of Practice (hereinafter the “Code”)”, which has been formulated as our corporate action guidelines in compliance with the JPMA Code of Practice.


Pursuit of fair promotion activities

We define "Promotions” as "Providing and transmitting drug information to healthcare professionals and promote the proper use and spread of ethical drugs based on such information”. All employees involved in promotion carry out fair promotion activities, while always examining whether they are acting in accordance with the spirit of the Code regardless of whether there are specific provisions or descriptions in the Code. Furthermore, based on the Code, we not only comply with the “Guidelines on Activities to Provide Sales Information on Prescription Drugs” (hereinafter the “Guidelines”) issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, and the “Promotion Code for Prescription Drugs” established by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), but also respect the IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations) Code of Practice.


Review system related to promotion

In promotion, the provision of accurate information is required to promote the proper use and spread of pharmaceuticals. All materials used for promotion undergo a review process by the Compliance Management Department, which involves a review by external third parties.
.We also strive to provide appropriate information on slides used by speakers in sponsored and co-hosted lecture meetings,by checking in advance whether the Compliance Management Department contains any unapproved information on pharmaceuticals.
The Sales and Marketing Department is not involved in any of these processes.


Training for thorough implementation of fair promotion activities

We provide training not only for the members of the department in charge of the creation of promotional materials, but also for all employees involved in promotion, to enhance their awareness of compliance. Every year, we set up a Compliance Promotion Month (three months) to raise awareness of compliance in general, and the Compliance Management Department visit a sales office and conduct training twice a year. Furthermore, we organize lecture training sessions given by the leaders of various departments as well as e-learning training courses in order to improve employees’ knowledge and understanding of compliance in general. In the event of a violation of the Code, we promptly conduct special training sessions on a company-wide scale to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of violations. The Compliance Management Department and the Sales and Marketing Department hold coordination meetings once a month with compliance promotion staff from each region to share information and provide training. We have a system in place to communicate shared information and training contents within the department through meetings where the leaders of the sales divisions meet.

  Frequency Scope Main contents
Training by Compliance Promotion Department Twice a year Code, Guidelines, Fair Competition Code Operating rules of lectures hosted and co-hosted by our company, and appropriate promotional materials and activities
Training by leaders in departments Twice a year Guidelines Appropriate provision of information (Company Records)
Rules for lectures hosted by our company (Prior confirmation of slides)

For "Implementation of responsible marketing and promotion activities" please refer to ONO's Approach to CSR.


Training for promoting proper use of pharmaceuticals and collecting safety information

In promotion activities, it is important to quickly collect safety information on prescribed drugs and provide appropriate information, based on collected information, to healthcare professionals to further promote proper use of pharmaceuticals. We conduct introductory training on "Ministerial Ordinance on Post-Marketing Safety Management of Drugs (GVP Ordinance)" in a lecture format for all employees involved in promotion activities. Even after that, training on drug risk management plans (RMP) for each product is conducted at the time of launch of a new product, and training on pharmaceutical damage is conducted every two years. In addition to e-learning education on the collection of post-marketing side effect information is conducted every year.
All employees involved in promotion activities are fully aware of safety characteristics of each drug as well as the importance of safety management, and promote the proper use of drugs and collect safety information in order to minimize the occurrence of side effects in patients.